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Wuxi Gardenia Textile Technology Co., Ltd.

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Wuxi Gardenia Textile Technology Co. is located in Jiangyin, the famous wool spinning capital of China. We have convenient transportation as our company is close to the nearby highways and ports.We are an authoritative company with 23 years experience of textile industry ,specialized in the production and sales of various roving woolen fabrics. Products mainly include double-sided woolen fabrics, flannel fabrics, over coating fabrics, velvet fabrics,Melton fabrics, and other types of roving woolen fabrics encompassing student woolen fabrics, overcoat fabrics, herringbone fabrics, and over coating fabrics, twill fabrics, tartan fabrics, velour fabrics, circle fleece fabrics, etc. Wuxi Gardenia continuously supply to garment companies from all over the world and has obtained designated professional production qualifications. Products are exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, South Korea, Japan and other countries and regions, which attains a good reputation! Currently, the company is collaborating with many international brands such as Hodo, CK, and Guess. Wuxi Gardenia Textile Technology Co., Ltd. has its own factory, covering an area of 8,000㎡, with 5 automatic spinning production lines, 60 outsourcing automatic spinning production lines, 75 high-speed digital intelligent spinning machines, and 11 cooperative finishing factories. Opening up a special small batch customization production line allows the company to meet the needs of customers for small batch production, personalized customization, trial sales sample production, and R&D sample production. Wuxi Gardenia has a professional R&D team for new fabrics, a director with 30 years of wool fabric R&D experience, and 7 professional college members. We can sensitively understand the trend of the wool fabric market,leads the rapid transformation and upgrading of the woolen fabric market. We develop 500 new products annually, and own a 1,000-square-meter warehouse of regular samples across 5,000 types in the exhibition hall. All samples are provided for free!
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  • 生产商


  • 10-50 雇员
  • 10M - 50M 销售额(美元)
  • 50% 出口销售
  • 2019
    Year 成立年份



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Wuxi Gardenia Textile Technology Co., Ltd.
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Mr.Tommy Ji
86 1809xxxx
Room 1102,Wucai Technology Building,No.19 Zhihui Road,Economy Development Zone,Huishan District,Wuxi,Jiangsu Province,China, 214174 1102 room wucai buiding,Wuxi - 214174
Wuxi / Jiangsu
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